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Design & Creation

Discover the journey of the dress

Izabela Couture Atelier stitching on label
Selecting the fabrics organza
Izabela Couture Atelier working on pink dress closing the zip up
Izabela Couture Atelier working on mannequin black dress
Izabela Couture Atelier working on mannequin purple dress sparkly tassles
Izabela Couture Atelier working on fabrics organza couture

The story begins with the concept

Initial stage of dress creations starts with

discussing inspirations, trends and fabrics.


Designing doesn't involve only drawing

but also draping on the mannequin  and 

creating samples.

Fabric selection

Our fabrics are carefully selected 

from the finest materials 

manufactured in the UK, France, Italy

and Turkey.

Toiling and sampling

Making of the toile, checking fits and patterns

- this is the part when the most people

are involved. 

Every individual is skilled in their specialisation.

Every detail is carefully considered and applied by the team of  skilful artisans - the process can last many weeks until the dress is finished.

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