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Izabela Krawczyk

Creative Director

With over 34 years’ experience, Izabela Krawczyk truly brings a unique touch to the couture world, having had her work featured in collections all over the globe. Izabela's designs emphasise the unique individuality, beauty and personality of women of all ages, and are characterised by simplicity, elegance and finesse - all of the highest quality, each delicately created by hand right here in her London couture studio.

In some of her recent work, Izabela has produced a stunning gallery of couture designs - embracing colour, texture, and delicate frill, combined to create something truly remarkable. High-profile models, celebrities and others of social significance are common clients of Izabela, returning over and over again to benefit from her world-class standard of couture.

From the initial conceptualization of a design in Izabela’s mind, right to the first few steps of the catwalk, only one thing is certain with Izabela Couture: quality, elegance and intricacy, always above all else.

Izabela says...

"...My passions are: red carpet design, natural, the highest quality fabrics, couture finishings, elaborated embroidery and beading. Swarovski crystals, French lace – that is my world!

Hand finished details and hours spent in front of the mannequin – this all breath life in a dress – make it possible for the dress to become a true work of art.


Until recently I have had a problem to answer what my biggest inspiration is… nature… flowers… materials… art… Yes, these all indeed, however my true inspirations are people and of course – this one particular WOMAN for whom my dress will be created. But in the same time – this can be any woman – random woman on the train or on the street, seen just for a few seconds, not always consciously registered… It is incredible how much power all these women possess! How much beauty – inside and outside!


                  ...I love women!"
Izabela Krawczyk working on a couture gown
About Izabela: About Me
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