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Where Your Bespoke Gown Comes to Life

Here, at Izabela Couture we believe every woman is exceptional and beautiful, despise of her size or age! Every woman has a wonderful potential and internal magic, which surprises and seduces. 


Our mission is that every and each of our client feels in our creation like she has never felt before – the best version of herself. Her smile and joy is what leads our work.

Customizable designs are offered for all the customers. You can select existing shape from our collection and by adding detail create a one-of-a-kind product.

You can also work with our Creative Director on a dress made especially for you.


dresses sketch.jpg

2. Refining

  • discussion with the clients, selecting and adjusting styles, measurements taking

  • pattern cutting and creating toile of selected style

1. Initial interview and design

  • interview with the customer to obtain exhaustive details about their personal style, preferences, flaws, and advantages of the body

  • designing a capsule range specifically for a customer

Izabela Couture Atelier pattern cutting
Izabela Couture Atelier designs sample fitting model

3. Fittings

  • 2-4 fittings to perfect the fit

  • adjusting and finishing the style

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